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Update Awning Composer

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This update contains the following changes:

Version 5.7.7835.15183 - 6/14/2021

Program changes:

  • Updated Awning Tracker interface to use "project" instead of "job" and allow numbers like "P123"
  • Fixed inability to resize main window after importing backdrop image from Awning Tracker
  • Fixed error when saving rendered image with dimensions to Awning Tracker
  • Fixed formatting of dimensions when exporting to Autometrix Eclipse
  • Fixed crash when attempting to recombine object with deleted parent object
  • Fixed rare crash when switching to Print page of File tab


  • Added preparation expense category
  • Increased default overhead/profit factor to 225%
  • Fixed fabric estimation for Rigid Flat Panel and Box Enclosure
  • Fixed description in Quote tab for retractable awnings to not mention the frame


  • Added Traditional Roof Inside Corner
  • Added Side Wings, can be automatically connected to Traditional and other objects
  • Added "Housing size" parameter to Exterior Screen
  • Added ability to turn off ridge bar and front bar on Round Marquee
  • Added option for sign band out bars for objects with sign band bottom bar
  • Fixed error when enabling "partial spreader bars" parameter on Traditional
  • Fixed incorrect lacing bar when sign band is enabled on Box Enclosure
  • Fixed fabric surface alignment on Traditional Roof Square Corner and Inside Corner
  • Fixed truss endpoints on Convex
  • Fixed text/graphic visibility on Horizontal/Vertical Banner


  • Added option to add accessories to internal down bars


  • Added information on allowance adjustments needed for estimating staple-on awnings

Fabric changes

General changes

  • Updated default list prices for most fabrics
  • Moved Arcade FR and LAC 650 SL from Dickson to Saint Clair
  • Moved Phifertex Plus and Standard Mesh from Trivantage to Phifer


  • Added North American Collection 6-Stripe Forest Green/White (8402)

Glen Raven

  • Added Sunbrella Balance
  • Added Sunbrella Elements
  • Added Sunbrella Makers
  • Added Sunbrella Rain
  • Added Sunbrella Transcend
  • Added Sunbrella Renaissance Heritage Garnet (18003)
  • Removed Sunbrella Contour
  • Removed Sunbrella Decorative Shade
  • Removed 13 Sunbrella Dimension fabrics
  • Removed 24 Sunbrella Mayfield Collection fabrics
  • Removed 15 Sunbrella Pure fabrics
  • Removed 2 Sunbrella Renaissance fabrics
  • Removed 5 Sunbrella Seamark fabrics
  • Removed 44 Sunbrella Shade and Marine fabrics
  • Removed 20 Sunbrella Sling fabrics
  • Removed 26 Sunbrella Upholstery fabrics


  • Added Phifertex Cane Wicker
  • Added Phifertex Jacquards
  • Added Phifertex Resort
  • Added Phifertex Stripes
  • Removed 2 Phifertex Plus fabrics

Saint Clair

  • Added 4 Arcade FR 59" fabrics
    Added 4 LAC 650 SL 58.5" fabrics
    Removed Arcade FR 59" Taupe (7534)


  • Added 2 Commercial NinetyFive 340 fabrics
  • Added Commercial NinetyFive 340 FR
  • Added Commercial DualShade 350 FR
  • Added Commercial Heavy FR 430 FR
  • Added Cooley Brite II Black (C2025)
  • Added Cooley Brite Lite Raspberry (CBL19)
  • Added 3 Hydrofend fabrics
  • Added 2 ShadeCast fabrics
  • Added Weathertyte Plus Lite Linen (WTL74-DSLIN)
  • Removed 2 Agriculture Mesh fabrics
  • Removed Cooley Brite II Startling Orange (79-2307)
  • Removed 3 Commercial NinetyFive 430 fabrics
  • Removed Eradi-Lite
  • Removed Main Street White (215MS+)
  • Removed Nite-Lite
  • Removed 24 Sunbrella Mayfield Collection fabrics