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Update Awning Composer

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NOTE: If nothing appears to happen after you click the button, check the Downloads section of your web browser. Look for the most recent file that includes "AC5Installer" in the name. Once the download has finished, open that file to install the update.

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This update contains the following changes:

Version 5.7.6877.15191 - 10/30/2018

Program changes:

  • Added Awning Tracker integration (open backdrop from AT, save rendering to AT)
  • Added new rotation step to straight-on backdrop loading process for correcting skew
  • Added grid overlay to help when rotating a straight-on backdrop to correct skew
  • Added prompt to use location/direction data stored in image files for Sky tab settings
  • Fixed mitered frame parts to not stick through fabric when using round tubing option
  • Fixed message displayed when trying to run MPanel Shade Designer when it's not installed
  • Fixed inability to send large scene files (over 4MB) via Send Feedback window
  • Fixed validation of user-entered dimension used to set backdrop scale
  • Fixed language editor problems on some non-English versions of Windows
  • Fixed error when loading Retractable Roof and some other objects on some non-English versions of Windows
  • Fixed crash when duplicating some static objects with valances applied
  • Fixed crash when setting default page layout when file can't be saved
  • Fixed crash when using replace selected object with MPanel Shade Designer
  • Fixed crash when unable to load sky rendering system

Estimation changes:

  • Fixed quote description and valance style fields to reflect customized object/valance names
  • Fixed over-estimation of fabric needed for front/back surfaces of Box Enclosure

Fabric changes

All manufacturers

  • Updated numerous product info PDF files

Glen Raven

  • Added new Sunbrella Pure line
  • Added 12 Sunbrella Shade and Marine fabrics
  • Removed 55 Sunbrella 54" fabrics

Serge Ferrari

  • Added new Soltis Proof Vivo line
  • Added 2 Soltis 86 105" fabrics
  • Removed STAM 6002L line
  • Removed Soltis 86 69" Snow White 86-50690
  • Removed Soltis 92 69" Dark Coral 92-2014


  • Removed Rome Blue/Linen/Gray 47" 8226


  • Added new Gale Pacific Commercial Heavy 430 line
  • Added new Weather-Chek line
  • Added 3 SolaMesh 118" fabrics
  • Added 3 Phifertex Plus 54" fabrics
  • Removed 2 Cooley Brite 78" fabrics
  • Removed 8 Cooley Brite II 78" fabrics
  • Removed Cooley Brite Lite 78" White CBL
  • Removed Main Street+ 61" Black 214MS
  • Removed Weblon Vanguard 62" Colonial Blue 2984
  • Removed 3 Weblon Coastline Plus 62" fabrics