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Update Awning Composer

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NOTE: If nothing appears to happen after you click the button, check the Downloads section of your web browser. Look for the most recent file that includes "AC5Installer" in the name. Once the download has finished, open that file to install the update.

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This update contains the following changes:

Version 5.7.6688.20371 - 4/24/2018

Program changes:

  • Added ability to load additional dynamic objects distributed separately from the main application
  • Added ability to add additional languages for localization (add new entry to language names collection)
  • Added localization support for object part names
  • Updated new version notification to continue working after upcoming server migration
  • Fixed inability to set default values for values in the Quote tab whose checkboxes have been checked
  • Fixed crash when saving a rendered image when unable to write to the user's Documents folder
  • Fixed crash when saving a page as an image and an insufficient memory error occurs
  • Fixed crash when displaying release notes for a new version when the Calibri font is corrupted
  • Fixed crash when duplicating a dynamic object when the object couldn't be reconstructed

Estimation changes:

  • Updated accessory pricing and item numbers
  • Updated Estimation Tab Contents sample page layout
  • Updated user guide with new section "When Options Are Used" and updated instructions for staple-on


  • Slide On Wire: Added new hardware pad eye, snap hook, eye bolt, lag bolt, turnbuckle, clamp, thimble, wire loop
  • Slide On Wire: Added BOM tab for hardware components (in estimation panel)
  • Slide On Wire: Added individual beam setback parameters
  • Hipped End: Fixed alignment of sign band and valance fabric when back fabric is enabled
  • Fixed top plates being displayed in some cases after poles were turned off
  • Renamed Shade Tree objects to Shade Panel



  • Added 14 Phifertex Solid 17x11 54" fabrics
  • Added 31 Phifertex Plus 54" fabrics