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Update Awning Composer

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NOTE: If nothing appears to happen after you click the button, check the Downloads section of your web browser. Look for the most recent file that includes "AC5Installer" in the name. Once the download has finished, open that file to install the update.

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This update contains the following changes:

Version 5.7.7556.21462 - 9/8/2020

Program changes:

  • Fixed "render image" crop box to be better preserved when changing output dimensions
  • Fixed backdrop becoming inverted when using close-up straight-on photo and specifying no ground
  • Fixed rare problem preventing a valid scene file from being opened


  • Added Hipped Concave
  • Added Arch
  • Added truss options to Rounded Traditional, Round Nose Traditional, Hipped Traditional
  • Added SB bottom bar option to Dome
  • Added bottom fabric option to Rigid Flat Panel
  • Added ability to connect Bottom Panel to Rigid Flat Panel
  • Added spreader bar option to Hipped Traditional
  • Fixed spreader bar placement on Round Nose Traditional
  • Fixed spreader bars overlapping with left/right trusses on Traditional, Traditional Gable Marquee Combo
  • Fixed "box + king" truss overlapping with rafters on Traditional
  • Fixed truss alignment with rafters and bottom bars on Convex
  • Fixed hanger indent to allow different values for multiple hangers in a group


  • Added "Valance" location to Track to visualize valance molding
  • Added ability to set custom spacing for eggcrate flange
  • Added visualization of z-brackets, fasteners, track, eggcrate, and eggcrate flanges for more object types
  • Fixed z-brackets on bottom bar + internal down bars of Open Traditional
  • Fixed out of memory error with z-brackets and fasteners under certain conditions

Fabric changes

Glen Raven

  • Removed 101 Sunbrella Fusion fabrics
  • Fixed scaling of Sunbrella Dimension Depth thumbnails


  • Removed Gale Pacific Commercial FR300
  • Added Patio 500 Stone Gray (546)