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Update Awning Composer

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This update contains the following changes:

Version 5.7.8418.25421 - 1/18/2023

Program changes:

  • Fixed setting page layout table background color
  • Fixed "RowHandle should be positive" error after deleting certain dynamic object parts
  • Fixed OBJ import to better handle files exported from Scaniverse
  • Fixed selection when modifying dynamic object or estimation parameter with valance part selected
  • Fixed crash when deleting bottom cell from page layout table with row headers enabled
  • Fixed crash when undoing panel changes on Pergola
  • Fixed crash when unable to access clipboard


  • Fixed default fabric price for fabrics with the same name in multiple collections but different prices


  • Fixed error when setting Open Traditional parameters to extreme values

Fabric changes

General changes

  • Updated default list prices for all fabrics

Glen Raven

  • Added 35 Sunbrella Emerge Fabrics
  • Added 20 Sunbrella Mayfield fabrics
  • Added 44 Sunbrella Retweed fabrics
  • Added 19 Sunbrella Shade and Marine fabrics
  • Added 2 Sunbrella Shade and Marine 60" fabrics
  • Added 96 Sunbrella Upholstery fabrics
  • Removed 3 Sunbrella Dimension fabrics
  • Removed 12 Sunbrella Elements fabrics
  • Removed 1 Sunbrella Fusion fabric
  • Removed 3 Sunbrella Makers fabrics
  • Removed 1 Sunbrella Mayfield fabric
  • Removed 5 Sunbrella Pure fabrics
  • Removed 3 Sunbrella Rain fabrics
  • Removed 3 Sunbrella Renaissance fabrics
  • Removed 2 Sunbrella Shade and Marine fabrics
  • Removed 3 Sunbrella Shade and Marine 60" fabrics
  • Removed 5 Sunbrella Shift fabrics
  • Removed 1 Sunbrella Sling fabric
  • Removed 276 Sunbrella Upholstery fabrics


  • Removed 4 Phifertex Cane Wicker fabrics
  • Removed 2 Phifertex Jacquard fabrics
  • Removed 4 Phifertex Plus fabrics
  • Removed 2 Phifertex Stripe fabrics

Saint Clair

  • Moved Arcade FR to Trivantage
  • Moved LAC 650 SL to Trivantage

Serge Ferrari

  • Removed Soltis Proof Vivo
  • Removed 10 Soltis Perform 92 69" fabrics
  • Removed 5 Soltis Perform 92 105" fabrics


  • Added Arcade FR
  • Added LAC 650 SL
  • Added 2 Hydrofend fabrics
  • Added 20 Sunbrella Mayfield fabrics
  • Removed Shadecast
  • Removed 1 Sunbrella Mayfield fabric