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Dynamic Objects Examples

This page shows some of the possibilities of what can be done with dynamic objects, a major new feature in the latest version of Awning Composer. With dynamic objects, every part of an object is dynamically generated by Awning Composer according to the object dimensions and options you specify. This allows a new level of flexibility while remaining much quicker and easier to use than CAD or 3D modeling software.

Dynamic objects include both fabric and frame parts.

All frame components remain correctly proportioned as you change the object dimensions.

The ends of a long object remain correctly proportioned.

You can select different types of supports, with adjustable spacing. Lacing bars are also adjustable.

Retractable awnings are available with several new adjustments.

Here's the same retractable awning with the arm angle adjusted. The valance remains correctly oriented.

You can make a retractable awning appear anywhere from fully extended to fully retracted.

You can adjust the level of retraction for other objects such as exterior screens.

Here's the exterior screen with the cable option selected.

Various styles of umbrellas with different adjustments are available.

Corners are a breeze with dynamic objects.

You can do different types of corners and different corner angles.

As you add more objects to a group, they automatically snap together. As you make changes to a single object's width, height, depth, and various options, the rest of the group is automatically adjusted.