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Estimation Features

Awning Composer’s Estimation Add-on (sold separately) brings new functionality to Awning Composer by adding the ability to estimate the amount of materials, labor time, cost of production, and retail price. Working directly with your live rendering, estimation results are updated continuously as you build and customize awnings in the 3D view.



Main features

  • Extensive estimation support for 20+ dynamic awning styles plus associated corners
  • An instant default quote layout
  • Ability to quote more than one dynamic object in the same scene
  • New printing features including the ability to build multi-page layouts

What's included with estimation

  • Length of extrusion needed
  • Amount of fabric needed
  • Estimated time to build frame
  • Estimated time to sew/weld fabric
  • Paint and powder coat charges
  • Cost of job based on shop labor rates and landed material costs
  • Retail price to customer based on your shop overhead rate/profit margin

For more information about estimation, see the Awning Composer user guide included with the software. To access this documentation from within Awning Composer, click the blue question mark icon in the upper right corner of the main window and choose User Guide. You can also contact us with any questions you have.

If you've never tried Awning Composer before, you can get a free trial of Awning Composer which includes access to estimation. If you already own Awning Composer and want to try the Estimation Add-on, click here to request a free trial. If you're ready to buy, click here to sign into your account where you can buy the Estimation Add-on online.