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Download Help

Awning Composer downloads best with Firefox or Chrome.
If you're using Internet Explorer, see the download steps below.

When the download started, did you see a prompt that looks like this?

If so, you're using Internet Explorer as your web browser. By default, Internet Explorer uses a feature called SmartScreen Filter which purposely makes it difficult to download and install software that is not considered "commonly downloaded" by Microsoft. However, you can still do it by following these instructions:

First, choose Run or Save. Either option will work. Choose Run if you just want to install the software now and don't need to save the installer file. Or, choose Save if you want to save the installer file to run again later or copy to another computer.

When the download finishes, you may see the following message:

If you see this message, choose Actions.

Then you should see the following window:

Choose More Options at the bottom.

This causes an additional option to be displayed:

Choose Run anyway.

Now, if you chose "Run" at the beginning of the download process, or if you run the downloaded file at any point later on, you may see the following prompt:

Choose Yes.

Now you should see the installer:

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Still can't open the file or getting a warning from your anti-virus software?

You may need to temporarily disable your security or anti-virus software in order to run the installer.