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Engineering Service

Service Details

Awning Composer offers access to professional engineers for retractable awnings, stationary awnings, tension structures, shade sails, and other shade structures that require sealed CAD drawings, calculations, or engineering letters of approval.

This service is currently available for job sites in all 50 U.S. states.

Awning Composer has created a web-based tool to assist you in providing all the technical information needed to quickly get your project started. The tool can be accessed on PCs, tablets, and smartphones and uses an intelligent script to tailor questions specific to your project.

Submit an engineering request with the details of the project and the engineer will work with our team to provide a quote. You will receive a quote by email and once the quote is approved, the engineer will get to work on your project.


Services Available

  • Sealing of provided CAD drawings
  • Design of structure and attachment details
  • Development of sealed calculations
  • Drafting of standalone image with dimensions and attachment details
  • Drafting of ANSI A - 8.5” x 11” CAD drawing with multiple elevation views, dimensions and attachment details
  • Drafting of ANSI D - 22” x 34” CAD drawing with multiple elevation views, dimensions and attachment details

Example Drawing with Dimensions

Frame Details

Mounting Attachment Details

Shade Sail Attachment Details

Footing Details

Structural Analysis

Wind Analysis

How to Get Started


Step 1: 

Click the button above to submit an Engineering Request. The Awning Composer team will review and follow up if more information is needed. The more complete the information provided in the request, the faster we can provide you an accurate quote.

Step 2: 

Approve the quote and the engineer will get started on your request.

Step 3: 

Once completed, you will receive an invoice. Upon payment, you will have immediate access to the completed engineering files in the order history section of your account page.


Please see the FAQ page for more details about the service.

Questions? Contact us.

To see what the request form looks like and test the process, click on the "Submit a Test Engineering Request" button below.


Note: You will be prompted to sign into your account.
If you don't have an account, please create one first.

Please be respectful of our engineer’s time and only submit a real job as an active engineering request.