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About Us

Awning Composer

Awning Composer was originally released in 1997 as a productivity tool for awning fabricators. It was acquired by Trivantage in 2009 and rebuilt based on a combination of customer feedback, new ideas, and new technology, leading to the release of Awning Composer 5 in 2011. Since then, we've continued to support and develop Awning Composer in-house with major new features and updates to fabrics and other content.


Trivantage is a supplier of specialty fabrics and hardware used in the manufacture of awnings, structures, signs, casual furniture, tents, umbrellas, marine products (interior, tops and covers) for residential, commercial and architectural applications.

We serve awning and marine fabricators, architects, interior designers, sign manufacturers, digital printers and upholstery shops.

In addition to superior product selection, Trivantage remains focused on new product innovation. Taking its lead from customers and their ever-changing needs, the company keeps a pulse on the industry, continuously integrating new items from the industry's top manufacturers.