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To make the most of Awning Composer, get to know what it's capable of. See below for a detailed list of features:


Dimensioned Drawings

  • Import a photo of a home or building from digital camera, scanner, or image file
  • Create a backdrop with the photo and digitally present an awning
  • Use "straight-on" or "angled" photos as backdrops
  • Utilize over 140 customizable pre-built 3D models of awnings, signs, furniture, and others with your backdrop to create a scene
  • Import custom 3D models in .X and .OBJ file formats
  • Apply over 900 fabrics (manufacturer-specific) and textures to objects
  • Manipulate objects with the mouse, keyboard, and/or touch (on tablets and other touch-enabled devices)
  • Add graphics and text to specific object parts
  • Import graphics using .PNG (including transparency), .JPG, and .BMP image formats
  • Set object, graphic, text, and valance dimensions in actual physical units
  • Choose a valance style and automatically set the number of cutouts, valance height, cutout height, etc. based on fabric repeat and awning dimensions or manually adjust
  • Control the lighting levels in your scene and the direction of the light source
  • Simulate shadows cast by objects
  • Zoom in/out or rotate around objects with camera controls
  • Use a "straight-on" backdrop to enable additional functionality:
  • View the backdrop from any angle
  • Use a known measurement from the building used in the backdrop such as the width or height of a door, window, or other element of the building
  • Enter the known measurement and click on each corresponding point on the backdrop (ex. top and bottom of the door or left and right side of the window)
  • Using a known measurement allows you to scale the backdrop so that any objects brought into the scene will be to scale to the building
  • After scaling, use the electronic tape measure tool to calculate the distance between any two points on the backdrop
  • Enter building location, time of year, and direction building faces to simulate shadows of objects in real time from sunrise to sunset
  • Save scenes as Awning Composer scene files (.ac5) to be able to edit fabrics, awning styles, dimensions, etc. at a later time
  • Render scene as an image file for email or print
  • Crop rendered image before saving as an image file (.PNG, .JPG, .BMP, and .TIF)
  • Print rendered images with high quality and high resolution
  • Save as PDF file (using a PDF printer driver)
  • Size and position renderings anywhere on the page
  • Add images such as logos and graphics, with adjustable opacity for watermarking
  • Add text in any font, style and color, with transparent or solid background color
  • Save your favorite layouts so they can be easily re-used for future jobs
  • Click here to see some example layouts