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Estimation Add-On vs. Estimator Link V2

Estimator Link V2 was an older standalone product used for generating awning estimates. If you own Estimator Link V2, you can continue to use it but the Awning Composer estimation add-on is a significant upgrade. While the basic formulas implemented in Awning Composer estimation are similar to the Estimator Link V2 formulas, the calculations cover many more details to improve the accuracy of your quotes.

Here are some examples:

  • Estimator Link V2 only covered a few ways to structure the frame of the awning. Awning Composer estimation works by examining the entire frame structure including any sign band and truss options that you add so no matter how the frame is structured, all of the components are included in the estimate.
  • Estimator Link V2 only included a vertical fabric option. Awning Composer estimation includes vertical and horizontal (railroading) fabric options.
  • Estimator Link V2 only broke out frame materials into extrusion and poles. Awning Composer estimation breaks out the frame into extrusion material, pole material, spreader bar material and lacing bar material.
  • Estimator Link V2 assumed all fabric was the same. Awning Composer estimation tracks material in up to three categories depending on your configuration. If all of the fabric is the same, then the yardage will all be included under top fabric. If you have a separate sign band, then the yardage will be summarized under top fabric and sign band fabric. If you have a separate valance, then there will be another summary for valance fabric.
  • Awning Composer estimation can calculate frame painting and powder coating costs (not available in Estimator Link V2)
  • Awning Composer estimation can calculate lacing strip fabric and number of grommets, or pre-built lacing strip needed (not available in Estimator Link V2)Awning Composer estimation can calculate the amount of additional labor needed to create valance cutouts, install grommets and install braid (not available in Estimator Link V2)
  • Awning Composer estimation can calculate the amount of additional labor needed to install poles (e.g. building footings) (not available in Estimator Link V2)

There are three ways to save time with Awning Composer estimation:

1) Instant estimates - No need to enter all of the dimensions and options into Estimator Link V2. Build your awning to scale in the Awning Composer scene and your estimate is available immediately.

2) Multiple awning support - there are three ways for you to get estimates for multiple awnings with Awning Composer estimation:
    a) by entering a quantity greater than one for multiple awnings that are exactly the same; or
    b) by adding two or more different awnings to the scene; or
    c) a combination of 1 and 2 above.
    You can see the total for each awning individually or a total for all of the awnings in the scene. In Estimator Link V2, each         awning must be calculated individually and then added together manually.

3) Instant quotes - Awning Composer estimation automatically feeds quote data into a fully customizable page layout. There are sample templates available for single awning quotes and multiple awning quotes. Customize these templates with your company info and you can create a quote with the click of one button. (Estimation Link V2 only offered single awning quotes and minimal customization of the output.)

Awning Composer estimation is really a dream come true for many fabricators. The ability to use the exact same awning setup for creating a customer rendering, a frame drawing, a customer quote and ordering materials can save hours of time for each job you do.