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Development Log Version 4

Awning Composer 5 has been available since 2011. This page contains the history of updates to the previous version, version 4. If you need version 4, please contact us.

  • Resolved minor problem with software registration


  • Added new 502 Stripes
  • Dropped selected Soltis Air fabrics

Glen Raven

  • Dropped selected Sunbrella fabrics and added new Sunbrella fabrics


  • Dropped selected Brite Awn fabrics
  • Dropped selected Canopy FS fabrics
  • Dropped all Canopy Plus fabrics
  • Added one new Natura fabric

Tri Vantage

  • Dropped selected Avenue fabrics
  • Dropped selected Calabana fabrids
  • Dropped one Calliope fabric
  • Dropped one Cooley-Brite Lite fabric
  • Dropped two Cool Glo/NorthStar fabrics
  • Dropped selected Gulf Stream fabrics
  • Dropped one Nite-Lite fabric
  • Dropped selected Main Street fabrics
  • Dropped selected Mayfield fabrics and added several new Mayfield fabrics
  • Dropped selected Patio 500 fabrics
  • Dropped all Reflections XL fabrics
  • Dropped selected Signmaster Supreme fabrics
  • Dropped selected Starfire fabrics
  • Dropped selected Vanguard fabrics
  • Dropped selected Weblon Coastline Plus fabrics

Build 946

  • Resolved error condition that occurred when trying to save or load object combos with certain naming conventions.

Build 945

  • Added FIRESIST® fabrics under Glen Raven.
  • Added validation of braid parameter in Valance Editor.
  • Fixed Valance Editor to use new limit on the maximum number of cutouts.
  • Changed default valance height to not vary depending on awning size (fixed at 6 inches).
  • Added Open Traditional 1 and 2 objects under Stationary awnings.
  • Changed default dimensions of the traditional awning to 6ft x 1.5ft x 3ft and the concave awning to 6ft x 2ft x 2ft.
  • Fixed slight color imprecision when loading an image in the Pattern Editor.
  • Renamed "Coolglo Northstar" to "Cool Glo/NorthStar".
  • Renamed Desktop and Start menu shortcuts from "Awning Composer 4.0" to "Awning Composer V4".
  • Fixed minor issues with uninstall for Vista and Windows 7.

Core improvements

  • Removed CD requirement
  • Created new installer with latest version and support for all supported operating systems
  • Updated documentation significantly, including all-new tutorials

Backdrops and renderings

  • Added automatic saving of backdrop image file to the same location as a saved scene file
  • Changed Backdrops tab to always show all backdrops stored in Backdrops folder
  • Added PNG to list of file types supported for drag and drop of backdrop image onto 3D view
  • Changed filename selection for saving a rendered image to use the standard Windows file save user interface
  • Added default filename when saving a rendered image for a scene that has been saved as a scene file
  • Removed file size estimates message box when saving a rendered image

Multi-part object manipulation

  • Added ability to select a part by selecting it in the parts list, or by doing shift-click or middle-click on the part in the 3D window
  • Added ability to toggle visibility of parts using checkboxes in the parts list (this supersedes the previous "Remove Front/Sides" options which have been removed)
  • Added ability to work with items such as valance and braid directly in the parts list
  • Added automatic application of fabric colors, frame colors or textures to the most appropriate parts of an object when no individual part is selected

Lighting and materials

  • Added new user interface and visualization for adjusting light direction
  • Changed Object Brightness slider to work on transparent logos and 2D text
  • Added Object Opacity slider, which allows users to see the sections of a backdrop normally hidden behind an object by making the object translucent

Texture mapping

  • Added automatic scaling of texture width based on object size
  • Changed texture offset sliders to be less sensitive, easier to use
  • Improved mapping of striped fabric patterns to bullnose awnings

Braid and frame colors

  • Renamed binding to braid
  • Changed set of available braid sizes
  • Added Braid tab to Colors tab for braid colors
  • Added Frame tab to Colors tab for frame colors (i.e. retractable housing, arms)


  • Added automatic scaling of valance parameters based on object size
  • Added ability to control presence of left and right valance parts separately (in the Valance Editor)
  • Changed "Height of Valance/SB" parameter to be an absolute measurement (no longer dependent upon awning height)
  • Eliminated small gaps between valance and frame for various awning types
  • Changed Valance Editor to only apply changes to the selected object if that object is in a corner group
  • Fixed difficulty with editing numbers in Valance Editor
  • Fixed initial positioning of "Cutout Width" slider in Valance Editor


  • Added new "inside corner" styles for Convex and Traditional awnings
  • Improved robustness of Add Corners feature (i.e. correct awning side visibility)


  • Changed positioning and sizing of added text to fit to the valance of the selected awning
  • Fixed some uncommon errors when using 3D text

Miscellaneous user interface

  • Added ability to choose active color in Pattern Editor by clicking on fabric in Fabrics tab while Pattern Editor is open
  • Added ability to choose braid color in Valance Editor by clicking on fabric in Fabrics tab while Valance Editor is open
  • Added ability to customize (via Preferences window) which object tabs are visible
  • Fixed manipulation of selected object when using keyboard keys immediately after having clicked on an axis lock toolbar icon
  • Added "Check for Updates" command to Help menu
  • Fixed inability to undo some actions taken via sliders at bottom of main window
  • Fixed incorrect scrollbar positioning in manufacturer/product info window
  • Changed main window to automatically maximize or size and center on startup based on available screen area
  • Updated language translations (localization)

New keyboard commands

  • Added: Backspace key deletes selected object
  • Added: H key hides or unhides selected part
  • Added: Move mouse while holding Ctrl key and left mouse button to rotate an object


  • Fixed Sunbrella pattern 4813 (Eastland Redwood) and removed Sunbrella patterns 4964, 4965, 4966, 4978.
  • Updated Dickson patterns to represent its redesigned Orchestra North American Collection of 91 patterns including 25 brand new.
  • Added 31 new Polyfab patterns


New stationary awnings

  • Concave Marquee
  • Rounded Traditional

New retractable awnings

  • Retractable w/ Hood
  • Semi-Cassette Retractable
  • Full-Cassette Retractable
  • Full-Cassette Retractable (rear pivot)
  • Drop Arm
  • Vertical Screen (enclosed)
  • Vertical Screen w/ Cable

New miscellaneous objects

  • Shade Sail

New object category: Furniture

  • (This category contains casual outdoor furniture pieces suitable for combination with awnings and furniture fabrics such as the Sunbrella® High Point Collection™.)
  • Dining Chair w/ Single Piping
  • Dining Chair w/ Double Piping
  • Round Dining Table
  • Side Table
  • Deepset Chair
  • Deepset Ottoman
  • Deepset Corner Chair
  • Chaise Lounge Chair

New object category: Marine

  • Sport fishing boat (with extensive customization options)

Note: To enable or disable the new object categories, go to the Edit menu, choose Preferences, click "Choose" next to Available Objects, and check the object categories you want to use in Awning Composer.

  • Added support for Windows Vista 64-bit operating system.
  • Added support for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • Fixed spaces between the awning and valance on retractable and round gable marquee models.
  • Added new 502 fabrics for Ferrari.
  • Added High Point Furniture Fabric Collection for Glen Raven.
  • Added new Natura fabrics for Herculite.
  • Added new Awntex Fire Resistant fabrics for Tri Vantage.
  • Added new Mayfield fabrics for Tri Vantage.
  • Added new Vangard fabrics for Tri Vantage.
  • Added new Weathertyte Lite fabrics for Tri Vantage.
  • Added all new textures for wood, metal, brick, stone, marble, grass and moss.

Version 4.10

  • Merged Astrup and John Boyle fabric lines under Tri Vantage.
  • Added new Sunbrella fabrics released at IFAI show in October 2008.

Version 4.09

  • Added new Sattler fabrics.

Version 4.08

  • Added support for Windows Vista 32-bit operating system.
  • Fabric updates incorporated for Astrup, Glen Raven and Dickson as announced up to March 2007.
  • Ferrari Textiles is now listed under their own heading and fabrics have been updated as announced up to March of 2007.
  • Added three new retractable models:
    • Closed Retractable - Model of a closed round housing retractable awning (with or without a valance).
    • Round Housing Retractable - Model of an open round housing retractable (with or without a valance).
    • Round Housing Retractable (Rear Pivot) - Same as #2 above except you can simulate the awning opening and closing by moving depth (projection) slider.
  • When editing a night scene, the default darkness setting has been changed to make the scene look like dusk instead of night.

Version 4.07

  • Added new Recacril acrylic fabrics.
  • Added new models (signs, tents, retractables).
  • Improved DXF import capability.

Version 4.06

  • Complete overhaul of fabrics.
  • No more duplicates when printing scene with list of fabrics used.
  • Added support for multiple languages.

Version 4.05

  • Made round marquee model slightly more round.
  • Added additional Glen Raven and Dickson fabrics.
  • Fixed problem when duplicating 2D text child objects.
  • Fixed problem when trying to launch Estimator Link Version 2 with unsupported objects.
  • Changed integration with Estimator Link Version 2 (build 472 or later of Estimator Link Version 2 now required).

Version 4.04

  • Added fabric lines: Astrup, Ferrari 542 and Sunbrella Firesist.
  • Added tools to Pattern Editor: Reverse Pattern, Duplicate Pattern, Duplicate Reversed on Left, Duplicate Reversed on Right.
  • Fixed wrong stripe being selected sometimes when clicking on stripes in the Pattern Editor while being zoomed in or out.

Version 4.03

  • Fixed registration on restricted Windows XP accounts.

Version 4.02

  • Added some missing Dickson acrylic fabrics.
  • Fixed the Valance Editor to display proper top-height and binding width, taking into account the height of the selected awning.
  • Updated integration with Estimator Link Version 2.

Version 4.01

  • Updated integration with Estimator Link Version 2.
  • Fixed problems on systems using non-English regional settings.
  • Fixed error on minimize/restore while having the valance editor open.
  • Fixed 2D text transparency interference in print preview / printing.
  • Fixed texture smoothing not applying to sides-only awnings.
  • Included missing tutorial scenes (in AC4\Scenes\Tutorials).

Version 4.00

  • Initial release.