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Awning Composer 5 for Eclipse

The latest version of Awning Composer 5 for Eclipse was released on 6/29/2016. Click the download button below to update.

Development Log

Version 5.6.6024.14547 - 6/29/2016

Program changes:

  • Fixed error after renaming an object part to have an empty name
  • Fixed rare crash when renaming objects in object parts list
  • Fixed rare crash when regenerating object valance
  • Fixed several formatting problems when printing pages beyond the first page
  • Added ability to print only the current page, or a specified range of pages (e.g. 1-3)
  • Added cut/copy/paste/delete support for cells/rows of table objects in page layout
  • Added commands for inserting rows above/below rows in table objects
  • Fixed handling of keypresses while table objects are selected (delete key, etc)
  • Added ability to drag table and textbox objects by dragging toolbar above object
  • Added button to toolbar for table and textbox objects to apply selected data source to all objects
  • Fixed unprintable characters interfering with text substitution in page layout
  • Fixed crash when default printer is not available
  • Fixed rare crashes when clicking on table objects


Version 5.6.5933.15369 - 3/30/2016

Program changes:

  • Printing: Added sample quote templates (available from Open Layout button)
  • Printing: Added ability to insert dynamic text into text boxes
  • Printing: Added rich text boxes which can have multiple font sizes/styles/colors/etc in one text box
  • Printing: Added table objects
  • Printing: Added ability to add multiple 3D view objects to the page, and convert them to static images via right-click
  • Printing: Added support for multiple pages
  • Added "Visible" option to right-click context menus for scene objects
  • Added options to attach current scene file and log file when sending feedback
  • Changed search provider for Sky tab location lookup - searching by street address is no longer possible. You can still search by city, state, zip code, and/or country.
  • Changed "Add Text" to give focus to the text box so the user can start typing the text immediately
  • Switched to improved color picker user interface
  • Fixed default dimension when setting backdrop scale to not have an extra fractional value
  • Fixed orthographic views to not be available when using an angled backdrop
  • Fixed backdrop to respect visibility setting when backdrop type is set to "3D angled"
  • Fixed customized object name in saved custom object not being displayed correctly when adding that object to the scene
  • Fixed problem displaying values below -12" when units are set to inches
  • Fixed inability to use a font with an ampersand in its name
  • Fixed crash when duplicating object after undoing and redoing certain actions
  • Fixed crash when saving rendered image when unable to write to user documents folder
  • Improved ability to automatic recover from corrupted data files in the user profile folder

Version 5.5.5577.19607 - 4/9/2015

Program changes:

  • Fixed deletion of text/graphic object on single-part object to not delete the whole object
  • Improved handling of when 3D graphics hardware becomes unavailable after initial registration
  • Fixed crash when initiating a print operation while print preview image is being rendered
  • Fixed crash when 3D graphics device becomes unavailable while render preview image is being rendered
  • Fixed crash when resizing object with panels that extend beyond the visible surface

Version 5.5.5452.14682 - 12/5/2014

Program changes:

  • Added ability to display and input inches measurements using fractions (configurable under File, Options, Units)
  • Added "Add multiple objects" command to Add Object menu (keeps list open after adding objects, like pin)
  • Added automatic switching from orthographic to perspective view when rotating the camera
  • Reorganized Options page on File tab into separate pages for different categories
  • Improved reliability and speed of loading scene files containing many annotations
  • Improved reliability of dragging an object from the object list to the 3D view
  • Fixed crash when creating custom annotations spanning pre-modeled and dynamic objects
  • Fixed crash when creating custom annotation and clicking the same exact point for both start and end
  • Fixed incorrect output when default page layout uses landscape orientation
  • Fixed custom fabric panels incorrectly affecting valance color
  • Fixed shadows enabled setting not being saved properly in scene files in some cases
  • Fixed parent object to get deleted when last part is deleted and last part was text/graphic/valance
  • Fixed backdrop turning black after changing backdrop type and performing many other actions
  • Fixed transparent background to not be changed to solid color when applying camera preset
  • Fixed inability to print when no printer is set as the default printer
  • Fixed error when trying to register when user folder has incorrect permissions
  • Fixed crash after a printer has been uninstalled while the program is running and then accessed
  • Fixed crash when fonts are installed that the operating system can't render (e.g. Populaire)
  • Fixed rare crashes involving object parts tree
  • Added uninstaller option to remove program settings and registration data

Added 4 new human models in the People tab


  • Changed collection name from Sunbrella Awning and Marine to Sunbrella Shade and Marine
  • Added Sunbrella Shade Solids 46" Collection
  • Added Sunbrella Shade Solids 60" Collection
  • Added Sunbrella Shade Solids 80" Collection
  • Added Sunbrella Shade Stripes Collection
  • Added Sunbrella Decorative Shade Fabrics Collection

Sunbrella Added Fabrics

  • [4663] Hyacinth
  • [4664] Sea
  • [4700] Mix Redwood
  • [4701] Mix Emerald
  • [4896] Silica Sage
  • [4897] Silica Charcoal
  • [4762] Era Cornsilk
  • [4763] Era Indigo
  • [4764] Era Mist
  • [4766] Era Ash
  • [4767] Preston Radiance
  • [4768] Preston Stone
  • [4770] Providence Americana
  • [4829] Balance Tidepool
  • [4830] Balance Ember
  • [4934] Intrigue Neon
  • [4400-0000] Fundamental Charcoal
  • [4400-0001] Fundamental Sand
  • [4400-0002] Fundamental Walnut
  • [4401-0000] Alloy Vapor
  • [4401-0001] Alloy Silver
  • [4401-0002] Alloy Bronze
  • [4401-0003] Alloy Steele

Sunbrella Removed Fabrics

  • [4694] Tresco Indigo
  • [4765] Ombre Dark Brown/Salmon/Beige
  • [4774] Ginza Onyx
  • [4778] Essex Curry
  • [4866] Shafford Ginger
  • [4869] Parade Oak
  • [4870] Parade Olive
  • [4872] Parade Seagull
  • [4874] Freemont Mariner
  • [4877] Rhumba Cactus
  • [4886] Vaughn Glow
  • [4887] Westport Grain
  • [4890] Incline Parchment
  • [4892] Manhatten Forest
  • [4893] Manhattan Cobalt
  • [4911] Moss Classic
  • [4967] Spice/Brass Vintage
  • [4972] Lankford Willow
  • [4974] Hartwell Lagoon
  • [4775] Ginza Java
  • [4865] Shafford Classic

Version 5.4.5261.32206 - 5/28/2014

Program changes:

  • Improved backdrop presets in Backdrop tab
  • Added ability to set default background for a new scene (via button in Backdrop tab)
  • Added ability to do unconstrained resizing of images in page layout by holding shift key
  • Added close up command ('C' key) for quickly zooming in and out between two zoom levels
  • Fixed dimensions not appearing properly after duplicating an object
  • Fixed problems when adding dimensions to 3D Backdrop and Ground objects
  • Fixed undo/redo after applying different valance style to existing valance
  • Fixed valance not regenerating properly after resetting an object
  • Fixed incorrect appearance of valance added to object loaded from Custom tab
  • Fixed crash when setting backdrop type to "None" after loading a scene
  • Fixed crash after System Restore has left program files in an inconsistent state
  • Fixed crash when unable to access various program data files
  • Fixed crash when attempting to access printer properties with no printer selected
  • Fixed crash after restoration of 3D device after having had a dynamic object error


  • Added a warning before deleting scene files improperly saved in program folder
  • Added a check to prevent installing directly to various user and system folders


Version 5.4.5225.17891 - 4/22/2014

Program changes:

  • Added support for adding visible dimensions to 3D objects (Add Dimensions button in ribbon)
  • Added support for orthographic views (e.g. top, front, side, and angled views with no perspective)
  • Added camera presets to Camera tab for orthographic and isometric views
  • Added backdrop presets to Backdrop tab (default, solid background, transparent)
  • Added Fabric/Frame checkboxes for quickly toggling visibility of all fabric/frame parts
  • Added Disable/Enable Shadows button to ribbon, toggles shadows for the whole scene
  • Added Ungroup Object button to ribbon
  • Added Welcome window, shown on startup by default
  • Added Recent page to File tab for accessing recently used scene files
  • Added resize handle to left pane splitter, can be clicked to hide/show the left pane
  • Added ability to rotate camera using arrow keys in Rotate Light mode
  • Added ability to manually re-initialize 3D graphics after device becomes unavailable
  • Added links to support/FAQ section of web site to Help page and help menu
  • Changed feet/in units to always display up to two decimal places for inches if needed
  • Improved error message on outdated graphics hardware
  • Improved error message when attempting to load an invalid file as a backdrop image
  • Improved error message when attempting to save a rendered image with an invalid filename
  • Fixed crash when attempting to adjust crop area in Render Image using mouse wheel in rare circumstances
  • Fixed crash when shutting down the program while it was still trying to update the 3D view
  • Fixed crash when font name contains unprintable character
  • Fixed crash when attempting to view fabric info when program is running from a network share
  • Fixed crash when clicking find button in texture properties in rare circumstances
  • Fixed crash after 3D device becomes unavailable and is re-initialized while attempting to select text object
  • Fixed crash when selecting text object after initiating program shutdown
  • Fixed crash when performing material search while OS is in a bad state
  • Fixed crash when saving completely invisible object as custom object
  • Fixed crash when failing to browse backdrops on an inaccessible network share due to IRPStackSize problem
  • Fixed crash after improper application of valance to non-fabric objects
  • Fixed crash when loading scene file containing material whose contrast was adjusted
  • Fixed crash when undoing Set Backdrop operation before finishing answering questions
  • Fixed crash after opening printer settings on some HP printer / OS combinations


Fabric changes:

  • Added Sunbrella Fusion Collection
  • Added Sunbrella Mayfield Collection
  • Added Sunbrella Renaissance Collection
  • Added Sunbrella All Fabrics Collection
  • Added Sunbrella [2079] Royal Navy
  • Added Sunbrella [2389] Toast Tweed
  • Added Sunbrella [6050] Teal Tweed
  • Updated Sunbrella Silica fabrics with more detailed images

Version 5.3.4905.14692 - 6/6/2013

Program changes:

  • Added Color Controls section to Material properties for hue / saturation / brightness / contrast adjustment
  • Added braid color to Valance properties, can now set/change using palette
  • Improved fabric search to find gray when grey is entered and vice versa, ignore diacritics
  • Fixed object position/orientation not being preserved when using Add Object with "Replace selected"
  • Fixed stripes not lining up between valance and rest of object for round objects
  • Fixed failure to re-initialize 3D graphics hardware in some cases
  • Fixed rare crash during re-initialization of 3D graphics hardware

Documentation changes:

  • Added info on new braid color property in Valance properties
  • Added info on new Color Controls section in Material properties

Fabric changes:

  • Added Sunbrella [4999] Brera Sorbet
  • Brightened Sunbrella [4601] Pacific Blue and [4626] Navy
  • Darkened Sunbrella [4665] Concord


Version 5.3.4862.16987 - 4/24/2013

Program changes:

  • Fixed location search in Sky tab
  • Added release notes display to new version notification prompt
  • Fixed photo from Samsung Galaxy S III loading with incorrect orientation
  • Fixed missing object after using "send to back" in page layout and saving as image
  • Fixed backdrop/graphic thumbnail cache growing indefinitely
  • Fixed crash when undoing applying braid to valance with no braid
  • Added error message when 3D hardware initialization fails due to LogMeIn mirror driver
  • Added error message when 3D hardware becomes unavailable and can't be re-initialized
  • Fixed crash when attempting to perform various operations when 3D hardware is unavailable
  • Improved detection of incompatible 3D hardware


Version 5.3.4826.17228 - 3/19/2013

Program changes:

  • Added ability to define fabric panels to apply to an object's surface
  • Added ability to insert list of fabrics/colors in page layout textbox
  • Added ability to pan/scroll using touch in object properties
  • Added option to favor speed over visual quality (for slow 3D graphics hardware)
  • Added option to open on-screen keyboard when textbox is touched (for Windows 8)
  • Improved performance of material and object lists
  • Improved performance of touch/multi-touch object/camera manipulation
  • Improved performance of scaling an object
  • Improved performance when resizing the 3D view via splitters or window
  • Widened splitters to be easier to grab with both mouse and touch
  • Fixed valance incorrectly having a shadow when applied to an object without a shadow
  • Fixed display of values in feet/inches to show only feet when value has 0 inches
  • Fixed Transform By to correctly handle negative combined feet/inches values like -1' 6"
  • Fixed transparency when applying graphics from PNG files created by Gerber Composer
  • Fixed close button in mode instructions bar at bottom of main window not working
  • Fixed missing texture when duplicating an object with an imported texture
  • Fixed bottom of 'y' in Sky tab being cut off when system DPI is set above 100%
  • Fixed selected time zone in Sky tab to be remembered between program sessions
  • Fixed "Replace selected object" checkbox overlapping with tabs when window is small
  • Fixed missing/empty panel when switching between material/object lists quickly
  • Fixed shadows interfering with rendering of graphics applied directly to backdrop
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of graphic after a series of undo/redo operations
  • Fixed undesirable object movement when scaling a grouped object
  • Fixed text in 3D view not updating when using context menu of Apply Text textbox
  • Fixed crash when switching between logged in users on the system
  • Fixed crash when loading invalid 3D model file
  • Fixed crash when loading corrupt scene file
  • Fixed crash when resizing graphic with invalid dimensions
  • Fixed crash when showing file open/save window in rare circumstances

3D models:

  • Fixed slight misalignment of stripes between top and valance on retractable awnings


  • Increased speed of installation process
  • Fixed shortcuts not being created when installing from a limited user account
  • Fixed detection of program when it's being run by a different logged on user
  • Fixed uninstaller to check for admin rights on Windows XP


Version 5.2.4762.23876 - 1/14/2013

Program changes:

  • Reduced application startup time and memory usage
  • Fixed increasing memory usage after 3D device re-initialization due to sleep, lock/unlock, etc.
  • Added "What's New?" command for viewing development log on web site
  • Changed multiple icons in upper-right corner of application to single icon that opens a menu
  • Fixed dark fringing around edges of text applied using Apply Text command
  • Fixed valances and text/graphics to be properly obscured when using Obscure object property
  • Fixed Print UI to automatically select Custom preset when customizing width/height/resolution
  • Fixed Transform By to not reset value to 0 when entering negative inches in feet/in mode
  • Fixed incorrect loading of object saved as custom object with duplicate part names when saved in scene file
  • Fixed Split command to not be available for valance parts
  • Fixed some actions (e.g. rename object part) not triggering the prompt to save changes when exiting
  • Fixed crash when opening corrupt scene file

Fabric changes:

  • Added 2013-2014 new additions for Sunbrella Awning and Marine fabrics

Version 5.2.4680.12837 - 10/24/2012

Program changes:

  • Added ability to show shadows with angled backdrops
  • Changed "building faces" to "photo taken facing" in Sky tab (to be usable for both straight-on and angled backdrops)
  • Fixed crash when combining objects in a group when at least one object has a valance
  • Fixed out of memory error when importing large images or duplicating objects using them
  • Added support for transparency when importing a graphic from a PNG with palette-based transparency (<=8bpp)
  • Improved performance when loading an angled backdrop or switching backdrop type
  • Improved framing of objects in object thumbnails when adding objects as custom objects
  • Fixed problem saving/loading scene files containing imported files whose names require Unicode
  • Fixed uncommon problem with arrow keys only moving objects (not rotating) when an axis is locked
  • Fixed various uncommon crashes


  • Added several sections describing new features
  • Updated screenshots to reflect latest user interface
  • Improved quality of images

Fabric changes:

  • Added Sunbrella Upholstery fabrics
  • Renamed "Sunbrella" to "Sunbrella - Awning and Marine"
  • Updated Sunbrella fabric information PDFs


Version 5.2.4623.18544 - 8/28/2012

Program changes:

  • Added ability to undo/redo changes to the page layout on the Print page
  • Added ability to save the page as an image file from the Print page (in addition to printing it)
  • Added ability to move, rotate, and scale the selected object by specified numerical amounts
  • Added ability to make an object obscure part of another object, useful for making windows within fabric panels
  • Added ability to group objects together for movement, applying fabrics, etc.
  • Added ability to combine a group of objects into a single object
  • Added ability to split, combine, and re-combine object parts
  • Added ability to replace the selected object (Add Object, "Replace selected" checkbox in upper right)
  • Improved speed and usability of Object Parts tree including columns, sorting, drag and drop re-ordering
  • Added ability to rotate object by 90 degrees using the '9' key
  • Improved object movement and rotation when viewing objects from different angles
  • Added ability to select metric and other units (feet/in, feet, in, m, cm)
  • Added ability to control individual object brightness (via emissive property in material properties)
  • Improved dimension sliders (and others) to use non-linear scaling for greater precision and range
  • Fixed loading of large (>3MP) image files on some computers with Intel integrated graphics
  • Added ability to open TIFF files for backdrops, graphics, and texture images
  • Added "Exempt from constraints" object property, controls whether object can pass through backdrop/ground
  • Added ability to change opacity of text and graphic objects
  • Added ability to center camera on clicked point in space (middle-click during rotate camera mode)
  • Improved usability of controls on Render Image page for specifying render size and crop area
  • Added several new commands to the "Modify Model Geometry" menu, for processing imported 3D models
  • Added ability to save object as Custom Object (right-click on object and choose Save as Custom Object)
  • Added display of fabric name/number applied to selected object in texture properties
  • Added right-click context menu for 3D view when no object is selected
  • Added 3D wireframe view options (right-click in 3D view with no object selected)
  • Added ability to temporarily change dimension slider min/max values (right-click on slider)
  • Improved appearance of some fabrics/textures when using Intel integrated graphics
  • Improved ease of use of specular lighting material properties
  • Improved rendering quality of specular highlights
  • Added ability to type feet and inch markers (' and ") in valance properties
  • Added keyboard command for centering the camera on the selected object (/)
  • Improved global and 3D view keyboard commands (like Ctrl+Z) to work when other controls have focus
  • Improved H.Repeat and V.Repeat texture sliders to be linked by default (right-click to toggle)
  • Improved saving of scene files to embed imported textures
  • Added ability to set material properties for multiple parts (when parent is selected)
  • Added option for synchronization of texture properties between fabric and valance, enabled by default
  • Added informational display message when saving the scene
  • Added ability to adjust camera with arrow keys while in camera modes
  • Added disabling of unrelated UI when performing certain operations such as setting backdrop scale
  • Added warning/error messages for older unsupported Intel 910/915 and 945 graphics hardware
  • Added separate tracking of "Maintain Aspect Ratio" setting for text vs. graphic objects
  • Added "Align Axes" command for aligning the axes of one object to another without rotating the object
  • Improved order of objects in object tree and object selection after duplicating an object
  • Improved registration error message to mention company name
  • Fixed crop area on Render Image page to be properly saved and loaded from scene files
  • Fixed image not updating when repeatedly importing a texture or graphic from the same file
  • Fixed incorrect lighting/coloring of objects without texture maps applied
  • Fixed existing braid to be removed when choosing "Straight (no braid)" valance type
  • Fixed changes to material properties to be undoable
  • Fixed alignment tools to work when clicking on valance parts
  • Fixed error message shown when trying to send feedback on computer with incorrect date/time
  • Fixed rare problem causing custom backdrop/graphic tabs to not appear on some computers
  • Fixed various uncommon crashes

Fabric changes:

  • Updated Sunbrella Care and Cleaning information
  • Improved color accuracy and detail of Sunbrella Mayfield Collection fabrics


Version 5.1.4484.12920 - 4/11/2012

  • Changed arrow key movement/rotation in 3D view to be more precise (with and without shift)
  • Added keyboard commands (comma and period) to cycle through previous/next object in 3D view
  • Changed automatic advancement of time to halt upon manual rotation of light
  • Improved zoom sensitivity in page layout view
  • Fixed loss of transparency when copying and pasting images within the page layout
  • Fixed image replacement when copying and pasting images with same dimensions within page layout
  • Fixed per-object shadow visibility settings to be saved in scene files
  • Fixed opacity to be saved in scene files
  • Fixed ground texture to be saved in scene files
  • Fixed backdrop image not being included in scene file after undoing set backdrop
  • Fixed several uncommon crashes


Version 5.1.4462.24492 - 3/20/2012

  • Major improvements to page layout and printing interface


Version 5.0.4449.28267 - 3/7/2012

  • Initial release